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Client Requirements

  • The driver must be at least 21 years of age
  • The drivers license must have been active for 24 months prior to the renting of the vehicle
  • The vehicle can be driven only by the person stated in the contract as the client
  • The driver is required to drive in accordance with all existing laws and regulations relating to driving a motor vehicle within Croatia and/or any visited country

Duration Requirements

  • The minimum rent duration during the high season is 7 days
  • The minimum rent duration not during the high season is 3 days
  • Late return of the rented vehicle is charged in accordance with the price list
  • In case of an accident the client is required to inform the Lessor and the local police authority immediately
  • The vehicle is authorized for use only within Croatia and the European Union

Acquisition and Return of Vehicles

  • The vehicle is acquired by the client at the our service station in Zagreb, Zagrebačka avenija 104, between 10:00 and 18:00 hours of the first day of the rent
  • The transfer of the vehicle to a different location or the transfer of the client to the station is charged separately
  • The vehicles is returned on the last day of the rent within the same hour during which it was acquired
  • In case the client does not return the vehicle by the end of the hour during which it was acquired on the first day of rent the hourly late charge is 20 euros
  • In case the client fails to return the vehicle fully fueled the service of refueling will be charged to the client based on the current price list
  • In case the client does not inform the Lessor about deferring the vehicle return time the Lessor has the right to inform the police on the basis of disinformation and all incurred relevant costs will be charged to the client
  • If the Lessor is unable to return the vehicle due to exceptional circumstances and/or natural disasters the Lessor is not liable for any inferred damages except for the initial deposit and/or the prepayment


  • In case the client wants to reserve a vehicle a prepayment has to be made in the amount of 30% of the final price
  • To confirm the reservation the client is required to complete the rest of the payment as stated in the active offer 7 days before the first day of rent
  • The reservation can be cancelled in writing up no later than 15 days prior to the first day of rent, otherwise the prepayment is retained except for exceptional cases such as death or severe and acute illness (which have to be proven by the client)
  • The client can make the prepayment in full amount of the active offer, in which case the cancellation of reservation is governed by the stipulation above
  • For every renting of a vehicle a deposit has to be paid in the sum of €500 which is returned to the client upon the return of the vehicle in its original state at the the start of the rent period, where the cost of any minor damage or missing equipment is deducted from the deposit


General Conditions