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Carado A 361 
Hymer Exsis-i 644 SL
Carado A 461
In our offer for rent are exclusively motorhomes from German manufacturer ERWIN HYMER GROUP. All our vehicles provide maximum safety and comfort; pleasant bath, comfortable beds, functional kitchen and cozy living room. Excellent insulation allows comfortable using regardless of season and weather conditions. Our motorhomes have the comprehensive insurance that covers EU and all neighboring countries.
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Planning Your Trip

During your visit in Croatia, you will discover a relatively small but very beautiful country. Croatia is a country with much geographical and natural diversity on a small land surface. You will find here many historical and cultural monuments, and you will be impressed by the Croatia's natural beauty. Historical cities, rustic castles, picturesque villages, mountains, rivers, and our beautiful Adriatic coast will suprise you. 
Croatia has 1,777 km of coastline, 1,246 islands, 7 UNESCO protected sites, 8 national parks and 10 nature parks.

Lotos Hymer center is located at the country's capital city, Zagreb. Thanks to the excellent connections, our location is at hand to all the tourists throughout the Europe.

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